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With the changeover to the new Astra 2E satellite, many of the familiar UK TV channels can no longer be received by satellite dish in the south of Europe, including Portugal. We offer a solution with our IPTV-Network. All you need is the MAG250 IPTV box connected to your internet and a subscription to one of the following services.

  • Subscribe to receive over 70 UK TV channels from the UK and many of the familiar Radio stations as well for € 18,95 per month. Our system includes automatic recording of all channels from the passed week (Catch-up) and we are always adding new features.
  • Subscribe to receive 32 UK TV channels and radio channels for as little as € 12,50 per month.
  • Watch 16 Dutch TV channels  for € 15,00 per month. (This can be combined with the 32 UK channels to offer a broad selection for rental properties and villa managers. Subscription can be switch on or off on weekly bases)
  • We also offer the largest Scandinavian channels line up and many more to come.

Take advantage of our 14 days trial period. Not happy? You receive a full refund of the box and subscription!

Our mission is to to connect you to your favorite TV & Radio channels where ever you are in the world.

Happy viewing,

Marc Electronica

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