Welcome to Marc Electronica, we're here to make IPTV Easy 

Watch all your favorite TV channels from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia and many other countries LIVE on your TV, wherever you are in the world. No need for a satellite dish or an external antenna. All you need is an internet connection (wired or wireless) and a MAG250, MAG254 or Roku 3 IPTV box connected to your TV and choose one of the following services:

  • UK Premium IPTV pack with 54 UK channels for € 14,50 per month Pay as You Go.

         Get 2 bonus months with a 12 months subscription for € 150,00. (less than € 11,00 p/m!)

  • Dutch IPTV pack with 25 channels from the Netherlands and Belgium for € 17,50 per month. 

         NEW: Add Sport channels to the UK or Dutch Subscription for only € 10,00 or less!

  • Scandinavian & North European IPTV pack with over 130 channels from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK, Germany, Russia and Austria for € 35,00 per month.
  • WTV with over 400 channels from Europe, North & South America, Russia and Asia including all major Sports and Movie channels for € 25,00 a month (Roku Only!)
  • Turn It On offers over 290 IPTV channels from all over the world. Sports, USA, French, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Filipino and Arab channels for € 199,00 per year.

We offer a professional customer service and many advantage such as:

  • 7 Days Catch UP TV for the UK & Dutch channels 
  • Pay as you go, only pay for the months you want to watch, No Contract!
  • Engineers to install and explain the system (Algarve only).
  • Technical support by phone or email. 
  • Switch from another provider to us for Free!
  • 7 days return policy. If not happy get a full refund of box & subscription. 

Our mission is to to connect you to your favorite TV & Radio channels where ever you are in the world.

Happy viewing,

Marc Electronica



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